Initial Coin Offering


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the process to distribute the coin thoroughly at the starting price. As it is the initial process, the price is still affordable. After ICO period Your Coin will be traded on the open market.

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You Can Now Participate in the Pre-ICO

DVLP is a decentralized fund that buys Real Estate in key territories around the world for short term explosive growth.

DVLP buy and develop

We have a team of 3rd party advisors who give us full due diligence on every deal.

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Bitoanex (BTLX) is an Ethereum-based peer to peer network that provides very low-interest loans to members.


With the rise of the Blockchain technology, there is a need for an automated and efficient loan facility that allows community members access funds.

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Golden Opportunities in GoldenAge ICO

GoldenAge is an informational and educational platform providing awareness on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.

What is GoldenAge Coin (GAC)?

GoldenAge Coin is a Blockchain-based lending and trading platform that gives you the opportunity to participate in Cryptocurrency buying and selling activities.

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AkroCoin is encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers. Our platform uses innovative and highly secure peer-to-peer network where coin holders can make transactions anonymously.

What is AkroCoin?

AkroCoin is encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers. It employs the highly secure peer-to-peer network operating under the blockchain protocol. This makes all transactions safe and anonymous to all our users.

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