How to Setup wpmu dev Live Chat plugin on WordPress

How to set up live chat in WordPress

Technology continues to shape the customer service industry in new and compelling ways.

Customers with inquiries or complaints used to have to visit a store directly, but when the phone was invented, customers could call companies. Although at one time this was an innovation, people quickly got tired of the problems they also invented in relation to receiving customer service.

Then came the internet. Email and social networks made it possible for agents to address more concerns at the same time, which speeds up response times, but apparently not fast enough. Both email and social networks have their disadvantages when it comes to addressing customer service issues.

The last attempt to solve customer questions and problems in a timely manner is live chat, which brings together the best in the world of telephone and Internet.

Live chat exists since the late 1980s, when Quantum Link created Online Messages (OLM) for Commodore 64, paving the way for instant messaging. Q-Link later became known as AOL, a company name that you probably know better.

Many think that live chat is just another way for customers to communicate with a seller, but since there are other means available to provide customer service support, they have not thought much about its implementation. In truth, this is a mistake, since live chat helps increase customer satisfaction, which can increase sales.

LiveChat, as simple as its name, adopts a meaningless approach to business. It is the industry leader in live chat support software and offers a free add-on that allows website owners to communicate with their website visitors even while they are on the move, as it is not necessary to log in to the website. WordPress panel to use the tool. The LiveChat application allows you or your chat operators to access LiveChat from a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

LiveChat comes with a feature that allows chat agents to send chat invitations to users, based on certain criteria, such as how many pages they have visited or how much time they have spent on a site. Other features include real-time monitoring, file sharing and a built-in ticket system that provides 24/7 support to customers. The last mentioned feature means that, even if you are not logged in, visitors to your website can contact you for assistance.

LiveChat also integrates seamlessly with third-party software solutions such as wpmu dev wordpress chat plugin, Google Analytics, popular CRM Hubspot, Salesforce and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The addon may be free, but the use of LiveChat is not. Basic plans start at $ 16 / month / agent when billed annually. But you can buy the premium plan on the Xprexity University platform with a low price. See the premium add-on here.

There is a free WordPress chat plugin plan for wpmu development, but it only allows an agent to handle the chats, and can only chat with customers one at a time. If you are the sole owner and operator of your website (and your company), this may be ideal for you. For everyone else, premium prices for wpmu dev wordpress chat plugin The chat starts at $ 14 / agent / month. But you can get a low price from the Xprexity University platform. check here

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